Lexington Ave CSA

Contact us at: lexavecsa@gmail.com

Church of the Advent Hope
111 East 87th Street
 New York, NY 10028

Pick-ups begin Monday, June 3rd through November 11, 2019

Pick up time is: Monday 4:30-6:30


What is a CSA?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for people to buy vegetables directly from a local farmer. Members and pre-pay the farmer during the winter to defray operating expenses and in return they get 24 weeks of fresh, locally-grown, organic vegetables.

Who is our Farmer?
The Kavakos Family of Stoneledge Farm have been growing our vegetables organically since 1996. 

Where is our Farm?
Stoneledge Farm is a 200 acre certified organic farm is located in the foothills of the Norther Catskills in Greene County, NY.

What if I can't pick up my share?
If you cannot to pick up your share, feel free to ask a friend, neighbor or fellow CSA member to pick it up. Make sure they use the shareholder's name record to ensure the correct share is picked up. Shares cannot be held at and be picked up at a later date or time. If you are unable to pick up your share and cannot secure a representative, the share is donated to the church that provides us the space for free.

If I have a half vegetable share am I able to add fruit or other optional shares?
Yes, you can purchase optional shares if you have a half vegetable share.

Are the vegetables organic?
Yes, our vegetables come from Stoneledge Farms, a USDA Certified Organic Vegetable Farm.  

Who grows our fruit shares?
The Fruit Share is conventionally grown fruit from neighboring farms. Only fruit that is available locally and seasonally, most grown following IPM methods. Most of the berries are no-spray or organic depending on the crop. The Farmers who grow our fruit are: Fix Brothers Farm, Greig Farm and Klein Kill Orchards

When does the fruit share start?
The Fruit Share runs for 20 weeks starting at the fifth week of Vegetable Share delivery, when local fruit becomes available.

Can I visit the farm?
Yes, there is an open house out at the farm every year in May, and Annual Farm Visit in September.

What does a typical pick up look like?
A few years ago Just Food partnered with Greenpoint-Williamsburg CSA to create a "Welcome to our CSA" video.  This video shows what a typical CSA pick up looks like.  Use this link to access the video: http://justfood.org/csa/csa-resource-center

What can I expect in my share each week?
While each year is slightly different given that an organic farm is at the mercy of mother nature take a look at last year's weekly shares: lexavecsa.com/share/

Do you deliver shares?
No, shares are distributed at the Church of Advent Hope once a week.

How do I get ready for the CSA Season?

1.     Clean out your fridge before the CSA season begins, this will give you the space you need to store your produce easily.

2.     Go to our website (http://www.lexavecsa.com/share/ ) and check out what is coming for the week.  We post a preliminary list on Friday evenings and the final counts on Sundays.  This will help with your grocery shopping and menu planning. 

3.     While the farm (https://www.stoneledge.farm/recipes/) and core members try to share recipes each week think about picking up some seasonal recipe cookbooks or check out websites like:

a.      https://www.thekitchn.com

b.     https://www.bonappetit.com

c.      https://smittenkitchen.com

d.     https://food52.com/recipes

4. The first few weeks of the Season there a lot of salad greens! Make sure to have ingredients for dressings, proteins, grains, beans and cheeses to transform your salad into a main course